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[orientaldaily] On the 1st of this month, Kaohsiung Taiwan having a petrochemical gas explosion accident that causing serious damage, raised international concern. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia received the funding of two hundred and seventy thousand ringgit Malaysia to assist people from the gas explosion incident, hope that victims can rebuild their home as soon as possible.

Related funding received from Malaysia Taiwan Trade associations, Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee, OCAC, Republic of China (Taiwan)- Dato’ Ting, Malaysia’s Asia Pacific International Property-Mr David Chin Chi Sung and TW House International- Mr Steven Chou Chia Ching. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia Lo, Yu-Chung said that, Kaohsiung explode constituted a several million people affected. More than 300 people injured and 28 innocent people killed, required enormous cost to rebuild.

I would like to expresses the highest respect and gratitude to all who help Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Also expressed condolences to the deceased, hope the damage can be recover. He said that, there is a series of catastrophe within this year. Some is natural disasters but more is manmade disasters such as Malaysia Airlines MH370 & MH 17 aircraft accident.

Wish to reduce natural disasters

“I hope people can put aside hatred and work together for world peace efforts, people to be able to completely eliminate the manmade disasters, natural disasters can be minimized”. Lo, Yu-Chun attended news conference of Kaohsiung, Taiwan gas explosion handover ceremony said so.

Attendees included OCAC, Republic of China (Taiwan)- Dato’ Ting Chung Cheng, Taiwan House International Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer- Mr. Steven Chou chia Ching, Executive Director of Asia Pacific International Property- Mr. David Chin Chi Sung; President of Malaysia Taiwan Trade associations-Mr. Tan Rongli, vice president-Mr. Wong Yao Ka, Financial- Dato’ Liu Wen Hing; Chairman of Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee-Dato Xu Ren Chuan, deputy chairman Zhou Dao Hui, Secretary Zhang Fu Yuan, Negeri Sembilan Association adviser Datuk Lin Wen liang. (Names are transliteration)

Secretary of Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations said that although Taiwan is far away from Malaysia, but our relationship is very close. In this case, Malaysian show compatriots love with Taiwanese. Immediate action taken when accident happened. The first charity done by Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations is collect funding to help Taiwanese.

Mr. Tan feel grief and frustration regarding the accident. He also apologize that can’t collect more funding. An interval of silence for those who involved in Malaysia Airlines MH17 incident, Ebola virus and Gas explosion at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.                                                       

##(Names are transliteration)



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