Disastrous of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Malaysia Organization donate of Two hundred and fifty thousand Ringgit Malaysia


[Nanyang Siang Pau] At 1 August 2014. there was a gas explode accident happen at Kaohsiung, Taiwan that caused 28 innocent people killed, road was totally damaged. Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee being the first to launch a fundraising for disaster relief, together with Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations, TW House International Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s Asia Pacific International Property totally donate of two hundred and fifty-one thousand nine hundred Malaysia  Ringgit to help Kaohsiung rebuild the city.

At this moment, Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee had collect about seventeen thousand one hundred Malaysia Ringgit; About twenty-one thousand three hundred from Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations; About one hundred and six thousand seven hundred from Malaysia’s TW House and Asia Pacific International Property.


One billion Malaysia Ringgit to rebuild the city

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia held a handover ceremony, Mr. Lo, Yu-Chung being the representative to receive the funding. Also an interval of silence for those who involved. Mr. Lo said that this fund will pass to OCAC, Republic of China (Taiwan) as soon as possible. He also said that the reconstruction amount is incalculable, but estimate should be about a billion.

Mr. Lo, Yu-Chung said also there are a lot of disaster happen in this year, such as lost contact of Malaysia Airlines MH17 aircraft, Malaysia Airline’s aircraft that suspected be shot down by missile, Algeria airliner crash, Ebola virus, Middle East war, Yunnan Earthquake and others. Soma are natural disasters and some are Man-made disaster. Which shows that the world is not peace. “We pray for the world peace, hope people can put aside hatred and work together for world peace efforts, eliminate the manmade disasters, natural disasters to be minimized”.


Mr. Xu Ren Chuan: Continuously fund collecting

President of Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee Mr. Xu Ren Chuan said that, although Taiwan is far away from Malaysia, but Malaysia fell empathic understanding, especially a lot of our members had visited Kaohsiung. There are enthusiastic response when we call for donation.

He pointed out that currently continually receive the message from our members, until 10am of this morning, we had achieved our target, until now collected of Seventeen thousand six hundred and eighty Malaysia Ringgit. We will continue fundraising, hope that people can help victims of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Mr. Tan Rong Li: Will do the best to help

President of Malaysia Taiwan Trade Associations Mr. Tan said, there are Impermanence of life. Although we have limited funding, but try our best to help victims.

He said that although the association based on business, but we will not abandon to caring Taiwanese.

Today attendees included Chief Operating Officer of TW House International Sdn Bhd- Mr Steven Chou Chia Ching, vice president of Malaysia Taiwan Trade associations-Mr. Wong Yao Ka, Financial- Dato’ Liu Wen Hing, member of a council-Mr. Lim Chai Gui; deputy chairman of Malaysian Chinese Youth Taiwan Study Tour Counselling Committee- Mr. Zhou Dao Hui


Dato’ Ting Chung Cheng: throw away a brick in order to get a gem

Committee of OCAC, Republic of China (Taiwan) Dato’ Ting said that, he felt sad regarding the gas explode, he and others Taiwanese oversea investor had more concern about this accident. “I received a call for fundraising from Mr. Xu Ren Chuan. After think deeply, even Malaysia’s businessman also raising the fund, Taiwan’s businessman should also show our love. After discussion with director of Asia Pacific International Property, conclusion that each of TW House International Sdn Bhd and Asia Pacific International Property will donate one million Taiwan Dollar. Hope that this fund can help unfortunate people.


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