Bangkok Property Report



Part I: 

A three-section overview of economic conditions in Thailand, along with a summary of the Bangkok Property Report and infrastructure developments, both current and planned:

-    Economic Overview: An overview of prevailing economic conditions in Thailand, including factors affecting the property market.

-    Property Overview: A summary of the property sector in Bangkok, including analysis of nine distinct property sectors.

-    Infrastructure Update: A detailed study of all current and future infrastructure projects, along with the effects on future property development.




Part II: 

Demand, take-up, current and forecasted supply, capital values, rental rates and yields, occupancy levels and forecasts for nine distinct sectors, including:

-    Investment Sector: Information and analysis on Thai property funds and major property transactions.

-    Housing Market Sector: Representative survey of different types of housing across Greater Bangkok, directly covering more than 40,000 units/quarter. (Bangkok Apartment Research)

-    Freehold and Leasehold Condominium Market Sector: Over 50,000 downtown Bangkok condominiums covered, along with secondary market transactional information for older units. (Bangkok Condo Research)

-    Expatriate Rental Apartment Market Sector: Survey covers over 10,000 downtown Bangkok apartments for expatriate rental, broken down into grade A and B.

-    Serviced Apartment Market Sector: Covers all grade A serviced apartments (more than 10,000 units) in downtown Bangkok.

-    Office Market Sector: Includes data on over 7.5 million sq.m. of grade A and B office space in Bangkok’s CBD and non-CBD areas.

-    Retail Market Sector: Nearly 5 million sq.m. of retail space covered.

-    Industrial Market Sector: Covers close to 100,000 rai (40,000 acres) of serviced industrial land plot (SILP) usage and sales, along with over 1 million sq.m. of ready-built factory (RBF) space.

-    Hotel Market Sector: All hotels broken down into four categories, with ADR and occupancy analysis on luxury and first-class hotels in Bangkok, along with new and forecast supply in resort destination and provincial areas, including Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai.

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Exclusive News

Real estate investors look to Southeast Asia
〔THE CHINA POST〕 TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Facing a low-performing local real estate market, Taiwanese investors are reportedly putting their money abroad in up-and-coming development properties throughout Southeast Asia. Two large international real estate firms hosted separate press conferences on Tuesday to analyze the latest trend in real estate purchases. According to Executive Director David Chin (泰啟松) of Asia Pacific International Property, the firm, which specializes in real estate transactions in the Asia-Pacific region, made nearly NT$7.3 billion in sales.