Kids of foreign professionals can stay after age 20


October 13, 2016, 12:09 am TWN

〔The China Post〕TAIPEI--Children of foreign professionals in Taiwan can apply to stay in the country even once they are over the age of 19, the Ministry of the Interior said Wednesday, rebutting rumors that children of foreign nationals in Taiwan cannot stay in the country after they reach that age. 

Speaking at a regular news briefing, Jeff Yang, deputy head of the National Immigration Agency, said that children under the age of 20 can apply to continue to live in Taiwan with their parents who are working in the country if they meet certain requirements, citing amendments to the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens, which took effect in April 2014.

The immigration agency will send a letter to those who have reached the age of 20 as a reminder that they can apply to remain in Taiwan, Yang said.

However, there have been only a few such applications over the past few years, he noted.

His remarks came in response to recent internet rumors that children of foreign professionals in Taiwan cannot stay in the country after they reach the age of 20, forcing them to part with their families and affecting their career plans.

Foreign nationals permitted to reside in Taiwan and who have reached the age of 20 or above, with one of their parents holding an alien resident certificate or an alien permanent resident certificate, can apply for an extension of residency if they meet the requirements, according to the regulations.

Requirements include having stayed in Taiwan for an accumulated 10 years in total and residing for over 270 days each year, having entered Taiwan under the age of 16 and having stayed over 270 days each year, born in Taiwan and having lived in Taiwan for a minimum accumulated period of at least 10 years in total and having stayed over 183 days each year, the regulations stipulate.

If their applications are approved, they will be granted three years of extension in Taiwan. With a second extension of three more years, they can remain in Taiwan for up to six years, according to the regulations.

The ministry explained that the amendments to the regulations were made as an incentive to attract more foreign professionals to work in Taiwan.

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