Cambodia: How long can one hold a land?

A) A Cambodian can permanantly hold a land.
B) In leasehold, one can hold for 79 years, then extend for 20 more years. 
C) If land is purchased under a company name and the combodian shareholders are over 60%, it can also be held permanantly.

Cambodia: What taxes are there when one purchases or sells a land?

A) Tax is alway paid by the land seller.
B) Each year, only a very little quit rent is levied.
C) Quit rent can also be paid when land is resold.

Cambodia: Can a Taiwanese person purchase local land?

A) Yes, also including a building.


1. A Taiwanese person can purchase leasehold, making a lum sum payment for a period of 79 years.
2. Leasehold can be extended after 20 years.
3. This leasehold can be purchased, resold, or sold after a building is constructed on it.

C) It also can be purchased by a company name.

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