Malaysia: What documents should a foreigner submit when apply for housing loan from a Malaysian bank.

  1. A photocopy from cover to the underside page of passport. (court or public notarization is needed)
  2. Identity Card and Health Insurance Card
  3. Two business cards (if any)
  4. Mailing address, contact number (home, company, cellphone, email)
  5. Occupation proof with position and salary (court or public notarization is needed). The last two- years income tax and latest six-month payrolls.
  6. Financial proof (court or public notarization is needed): Photocopy of bank passbook for salary, proof of more than three million deposit balance and proof of other income (eg. rental agreement)
  7. Company information (if owns a company):  proof of company registration, last two-years company’s financial report, company's certificates of deposit, photocopy of company's bank passbook.

  8. Saving certificate from a Malaysia bank or financial corporation (preferably but not necessary)

  9. Original copy of Sales and Purchase Agreement


Note: All documents are preferably provided in English with quadruplicate. It is more advantageous if document are thoroughly prepared.


Malaysia: The bank loan amount normally takes up to what percentage of the purchase price?

Normally it is about 50%, unless financial information is more sufficient.

Malaysia: After a loan application is submitted, how long will one know the loan amount?

Because of the low efficiency in Southeast Asia, normally it takes about three months.

Malaysia: When did the lender start to repay loan and interest?

Loan amount should be repaid after the house is turned over.

When is the interest paid depends on whether it is with or without DIBS.

-with DIBS: interest is paid after the house is turned over.

-without DIBS:  after the bank allocates funds.

Malaysia: What are the different responsibilities between a joint lender and a guarantor?

Joint lenders are two or more people apply for bank loans together. They also share the burden of repayment liability together. The bank can simultaneously request the joint lenders to repay the debt.

A guarantor only guarantees the lender's repayment obligation. If lender does not repay the loan, the bank should first request from lender and bring this to a court proceeding. After that, a repayment request can be made to a guarantor if there are arrears due.


Malaysia: What procedure are there after the loan settlement is complete?

We must ensure that all related procedures are properly handled after the loan settlement is complete. The bank must sign a release of mortgage documents. Then the solicitor will bring the related document together with original copy of Title to the Land Authority Office to release the mortgage.  

Malaysia: What are the rights and obligations of a lender? What are the authority and responsibility of a bank?

Being a lender, we should know our right but also the authority that can be performed by a bank in order to protect our own interests. Below are the rights and responsibilities of both:

1. Lender's rights:

  • Obtain all information that will affect the loan decision.
  • Receive professional and unbiased treatment
  • Obtain an adviser for relevant changes of the loan term.
  • Receive accurate account information.


2. Lender's responsibilities         

  • Read and understand all the terms of loan
  • Comply with loan terms
  • Fulfill requirements of loan and understand the content
  • Repay on time

3. Bank's rights

  • Get information regarding lenders' credit condition
  • Collect proper and realistic information regarding the lender
  • Take legal action when a lender breaches the ontract
  • Receive the loan repayment and interest on time

4. Bank's responsibilities

  • Fulfill duties for lenders
  • Give advice or negotiate with customer when there are changes on loan
  • Take care and handle requirement and inquiry from the lender

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