Malaysia: Can leasehold be transferred to freehold?

Application can be sent to the land office, but in general it is difficult to succeed.

Malaysia: Can foreigners own properties in Malaysia?

Foreigners can purchase a property in Malaysia after they get the approval from Malaysia state government.

Malaysia: Are there any restrictions for holding a Malaysia land ownership ?

There is no time limit for freehold.

For leasehold, there is a time restriction, mostly 99 years of duration.   

Malaysia: Is there any documentation that can prove the property is mine?

For land, there is Title;

For housing, there is Sales and Purchase Agreement.


Malaysia: Are there any subsequent problems after purchasing a leasehold property?

When the leasehold expiries, government may expropriate the related land by paying the owner compensation if they need the land. Otherwise leasehold can be renewed by the heir.

Malaysia: Is there a ratio of public facilities in Malaysia?

When one purchases a condominium in Malaysia, the public facilities and car parking space are excluded from the agreement floor plan, but the balcony is included.  According to Taiwan 30% ratio, if purchase a 50ping condominium, Taiwan's indoor space available is only 35 ping but in Malaysia there is 50 ping available. If property purchased at the same price, Malaysia property worths more. The difference is: 500,000*50ping= 25 million; 25 million/35ping= 710,000.

Malaysia: How to determine the size of the property?

Malaysia determinse the property size by using British Standards of Weights and Measures. The common use is Square meters (SQM) and square feet (SQFT). 1 ping =3.30579 square meter ; 1 square meter = 0.3025 ping.

UK: Explanation of 'Leasehold' -1. Overview

1. Overview 
You only own a leasehold property for a fixed period of time.

You’ll have a legal agreement with the landlord (sometimes known as the ‘freeholder’) called a ‘lease’.

This tells you how many years you’ll own the property.

Ownership of the property returns to the landlord when the lease comes to an end.

Most flats are leasehold.

Houses can be leasehold too and usually are if they’re bought through a shared ownership scheme.



For more details, please visit:https://www.gov.uk/leasehold-property

UK: Explanation of 'Leasehold' - 2. Leaseholder rights and responsibilities

2. Leaseholder rights and responsibilities 

* Your responsibilities-
Your lease will tell you what conditions you’ve agreed to. For example:

If you need permission to make alterations, how much you’ll have to pay to maintain the property

If you or your landlord have responsibility for repairs and dealing with noisy neighbours

You might be taken to court and be ordered to pay for any damage. If you don’t follow the conditions of the lease, the court may also take away your lease.

Your rights -
You have the right to:

get information about service charges or insurance

know the landlord’s (freeholder’s) name and address

be consulted about certain maintenance and running costs

challenge certain charges under some circumstances

The Leasehold Advisory Service has answers to some frequently asked questions about rights and obligations of leaseholders and landlords.


For more details, please visit:  https://www.gov.uk/leasehold-property

China: How do we determine when the purchase takes place? Is it after property turnover or when the purchase and sale agreement is signed?

1. There are different regulations in each province. According to the law, it is deemed to have taken place after the title deed is received.

2. In Nanning and Shanghai, a presale property is purchased when deed tax is paid and deed tax receipt is obtained. The time of paying deed tax is when the first progress payment is made. 

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