Australia: house purchase loan sample

Property Price :$500,000 AUD,Loan 50% = $250,000,Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Annual Interest:5.5%→$250,000 * 5.5% = $13,750(Creditable)
Rental Income:5% of property price→ $25,000(basic taxable amount)


Creditable item Amount Remark
1. Australian Accountant Fee $ 550 AUD
2. Flight Ticket $ 1,000 AUD
3. Property Management Fee $ 1,650 AUD
4. Furniture Discount $ 2,000 AUD
5. Annual Loan Interest Payable $ 13,750 AUD
Total $ 18,950 AUD

(Amount only for reference, actual amount may be vary.)

Annual Taxable Income: ( $25,000–$18,950)=$6,050 
Annual Tax Payable: $ 6,050 * 32.5% = $1,966.25

Australia: Comparison between purchase with bank loan in Taiwan and Australia.

= 台灣貸款購屋範例 =

房價:$500,000 AUD,貸款 50% = $250,000,計算單位: 澳幣(AUD)
年息:2.2% → $250,000 * 2.2% = $5,500 (無抵免)
租金收入:5% 的房價→ $25000(初應繳稅額)



抵免項目 抵免費用 備注
1. 澳洲會計稅務處理費 $ 550 AUD
2. 機票 $ 1,000 AUD
3. 物業管理費 $ 1,650 AUD
4. 家具折抵 $ 2,000 AUD
合計 $ 5,200 AUD

(範例內之費用金額僅供參考, 實際費用可能有所不同.)

年度應稅收入金額: ( $25,000 – $5,500) = $19,500 
年度應繳納金額: $19500 * 32.5% = $ 6,337.5

Australia: How much income tax should I pay?

At 30, June 2013, John sold his Melbourne property (property A) worth $800,000 in order to invest two new properties. Property ‘A’ purchase at 1, January 2011, basic cost is $500,000, component are as following:

Purchasing price            - $429,530

Legal fee                         -$4,400

Stamp duty fee               -$25,070

Real estate agent fee     -$16,000

Renovation fee              -$25,000

Total                               -$500,000


He should declare his $300,000 capital gains at year 2013 caused he acquired $300,000 when he sold his investment property in year 2013. He get 50% of capital gain tax (CGT) relief at 7, May 2012 because holding that property for more than 12 months. At 7, May 2012, market value of the property is $700,000, with 50% of capital gain tax relief, his taxable capital income should be reduce from $200,000 to $100,000. From 8, May 2012, capital gains tax will levied according to normal rules. Therefore, his taxable amount should be $72,000, this means that the tax rate is only 24% when he sold out his Property 'A’.

Australia: How to reduce my capital gains tax?

Increase the investment property costs could reduce capital gains tax.

Please notice that purchase price is only a part of the costs. Other costs may also be included.

Other costs which may be included are:
Purchase price of the property
Legal fees when purchasing or selling property
Stamp duty paid when purchasing property
Agent fee when selling property 
Renovation costs

Australia: Which income should be taxed for capital gains tax?

Capital gains tax means a tax payable when you make a profit through selling your capital asset.

In simple terms, capital gains mean net profits after deducting all the costs.


Australia: Which income should be included in my tax payable?

It is easy to determine.

All incomes related to your Australian property, include rental income and homeowners insurance costs, are to be filed in your tax return.

Once you receive an amount of money, whether it's directly or indirectly through an agent, or which you are entitled to, it will be considered as your income.


Australia: How to reduce my tax payable?

Most effective way to reduce your tax payable is apply the tax relief thru the right way.

Compared with rental income, is more difficult to determine which expenses could be used for tax relief. For example, some expenses can be credited immediately, but some only can be credited with tax revenue in future.

Following are three common rental expenses:

A.  Can be credited immediately

  • loan interest
  • Secretarial and sending fees
  • A tax-related expenses (such as tax advisory and service fee)
  • Transportation fee(such as flight ticket and accommodation for property inspection)
  • Real estate agent’s fee and rental
  • Advertisement fee
  • Bank charges
  • Corporate Body fee
  • Insurance fee
  • Land tax, ect

B. Can be credited in future

  • Loan expenses
  • Fixed asset in property (such as dishwasher, oven, etc.) may be tax deductible by the accumulated depreciation.
  • Renovation cost (such as replacement of carpet, sealed of driveway, etc.) may be reduce thru construction cost.

C. Expenses that cannot be tax credited

  • Cost of purchasing and dispose of property
  • Cost incurred when using their own property


Malaysia: Which document can prove that I am the owner of my property?

For land : it is 'Title Deed'; for building : it is 'Sales & Purchase Agreement'.

Malaysia: What is State Consent?

According to Malaysia Land Law 1965, non- malaysians only can purchase property if they obtain a permit from state government.

Payment procedure when purchase a property


Payment Schedule:Purchase from a completed project





Deposit pay to the developer and get Subscription Agreement

1% of total housing fund

Buyer received housing Subscription Agreement


Buyer accept and signature of Subscription Agreement.


Within 14 days after buyer received housing Subscription Agreement


Signature of the Sales and Purchase Agreement and down payment made.

10% of total housing fund

(after deduct 1% deposit paid)

Sign the Sales and Pruchase Agreement while signing Subscription Agreement


Completed of transaction procedure and final payment

90% of housing fund

Within 8 weeks from signature of Sales and Purchase Agreement


Proceed handover procedure


After all payment has been made

Singapore: Others costs included when one purchases a property:


1) 政府要求必須指定律師,房產買賣手續將通過委託律師樓辦理,費用幾千新元,取決於不同律師行;

2) 物業管理費,根據社區的管理與維護情況與所持有物業的面積,計算出每個月的物業管理費,一般安季度收取,從百元到上千元不等。

3)  房產稅(產業稅):


Effective 1 Jan 2014

Effective 1 Jan 2015

First 30,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



AV in excess of $90,000






Effective 1 Jan 2014

Effective 1 Jan 2015

First 8,000



Next 47,000



Next 5,000



Next 10,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



Next 15,000



AV in excess of $130,000




Cambodia: How long can one hold a land?

A) A Cambodian can permanantly hold a land.
B) In leasehold, one can hold for 79 years, then extend for 20 more years. 
C) If land is purchased under a company name and the combodian shareholders are over 60%, it can also be held permanantly.

Cambodia: What taxes are there when one purchases or sells a land?

A) Tax is alway paid by the land seller.
B) Each year, only a very little quit rent is levied.
C) Quit rent can also be paid when land is resold.

Cambodia: Can a Taiwanese person purchase local land?

A) Yes, also including a building.


1. A Taiwanese person can purchase leasehold, making a lum sum payment for a period of 79 years.
2. Leasehold can be extended after 20 years.
3. This leasehold can be purchased, resold, or sold after a building is constructed on it.

C) It also can be purchased by a company name.

China: How can a Taiwanese buyer remit purchase price to a Chinese developer?

Buyer's bank account in Taiwan -> Buyer's bank account in China -> Developer's bank account in China.

Keypoint: Money remitted from Taiwan to Mainland China cannot exceed 5 thousand USD. Otherwise, the amount will be blocked in China and it will require the remitter to unblock it in person with his/her personal ID.

UK: Can a non-UK national purchase UK properties?

Yes. UK government does not place any requirement on buyer's civil or residential status, nor is there any requirement on visa. 

UK: Where can I find the actual sold property prices?

The development of UK real estate market is rather mature, and the policy of sold property price registration has been in place for over 2 decades.

The real estate transaction is very free, transparent and open.

You can google search the house price or click here: UK House Price Index

UK: Does every developer has their own agreement, or is there an adhesion contract from the government?

Normally every developer uses their own agreement, because there is no adhesion contract or a standard agreement from the government.

When signing the agreement, buyer can authorize a conveyancing lawyer to review the contract clauses in order to safeguard his/her own rights.  

UK: Why do we need to go through anti-money laundering investigations when purchasing a UK, despite the purchase price is relatively small?

Because it has happened several times that illicit money is remitted by ways of purchasing UK properties, 'Transparency International' has urged the UK to strictly ban on any possible money laundery.  

Hence, the UK government regulates that when a foreign person or entity purchases a UK property, one must undergo an anti-money laundering investigation.

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〔THE CHINA POST〕 TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Facing a low-performing local real estate market, Taiwanese investors are reportedly putting their money abroad in up-and-coming development properties throughout Southeast Asia. Two large international real estate firms hosted separate press conferences on Tuesday to analyze the latest trend in real estate purchases. According to Executive Director David Chin (泰啟松) of Asia Pacific International Property, the firm, which specializes in real estate transactions in the Asia-Pacific region, made nearly NT$7.3 billion in sales.